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White South African Farmers(Boers) By David Hamilton

I remember talking to a man in a bar in Chiswick who was overcome by joy and nearly weeping

with ecstasy when the fantasy of an ideal people bringing into being the utopia of liberal and

cultural Marxist dreams in the Rainbow nation was announced. Where he and his kind go wrong

is they overlook human nature, what people are capable of doing to each other, to livein a fantasy

of “everyone coming together” but as Horace said: “You may drive nature out with a pitchfork, but

she will keep coming back “ Even after the horrendous slaughter of people by Communist states

they still tryu to impose a fantasy world on people which always leads to murder and cruelty so then

they have to pretend itis not happening and keep the truth from the masses.

An ideology always benefits elite groups and the one-world ideology benefits multi-national

corporations that get mineral rights in third-world countries. The process is very corrupt: Western

governments appropriate tax money paid by their citizens and transfer it to elites in the third world

for the mineral rights to go to multi-national corporations; they also free populations to be brought

to the west as cheap labour and our work to be relocated where people live on subsistence wages.

Western elites publicly apologise for historical slavery while importing cheap labour!

In the new South Africa racial genocide of South African Boers, who are Afrikaner farmers, is

taking place as I write. The Western media must know all about it because they have agents and

reporters in the country but will not report it. (1)

Only a fool thinks it will not happen again after the treatment of French Algerians,(2) the Belgians

of Congo, (3) the Portuguese of Angola and Mozambique, (4)Zimbabwe and was predictable.

(5) All these peoples were violently forced off lands which their ancestors had occupied for

centuries, with the encouragement of the US and British governments and made possible by finance

taken from their own taxpayers for the purpose. What is behind this? It is what is now called

Globalisation or the attempt to create a New World Order. (6) Academic and intellectual elites

create the unrealistc ideology of multi-racial harmony but hard-headed business and commercial

elites use it to exploit the countries of the mineral wealth. It is brought about in practice by evil

people like Peter Hain. The fantasy becomes the rape, murder and maiming of innocent people. A

similar destruction is being waged in places as disparate as South Africa, Britain and Western India

and led by elected representatives of the people!

African-ruled countries are a variation on a theme of total corruption. Western elites and journalists

must take responsibility for the genocide they are financing and trying to hide from the world's

conscience . Chaos on the railways is an indicator with locos not turning up at coal mines to collect

fully loaded trains and the power stations desperate for coal. The electricity generating plants are

fast deteriorating and break down regularly and the country has been plagued with power cuts for

the last few years. The ANC is still dominated by members of the South African Communist Party,

is anti-white racist, and has a fascistic land confiscation programme on the statute books. Farmers

and their families are regularly murdered.

The Cultural Marxist media support the ANC as they fully supported Mugabe in 1980 and if the

consequences of this were broadcast it would destroy the unrealistic and totalitarian ideology of

racial equality because its success depends upon secrecy and favourable propaganda.

The dream was Nelson Mandela accepting the Nobel Peace Prize for all who have opposed racism.

It was awarded to him, the ANC and all South Africa’ s people. The new SA was to be freedom and

democracy in an open society which respected the rights of all individuals.

What is the reality? Mass genocide of Boer farmers.

Genocide is happening on the farms and Indian farmers are also targeted; the targets are usually

defenceless, especially elderly White people.(7)

The government does nothing to prevent attacks, so the farmers have begun to co-operate in mutual

defence. That the Black government wants Boers harmed and driven from their land as indicated by

their programmes to force white farmers to sell their property to blacks.

At the beginning of the decade there were 40,000 White farmers in South Africa of which 3,037

have been murdered and more than 20,000 victims of armed attacks perpetrated by groups of

militant, young Blacks. This is since Western leaders put the ANC in power in 1994. The real total

is certainly higher. Boers are also tortured or raped first, by boiling water forced down their throats,

tendons cut, burnings, personal humiliations . The attackers are usually protected by Blacks within

government and the police and not tried. Ask yourselves, gentle readers, when did you see this on

television news or read about it in your quality newspaper?

The idealism that accompanied the birth of new South Africa has been destroyed by black rule yet

the rainbow nation is still a fantasy to Western elites. They need to believe in it or face the reality

that racial equality does not exist. The dream of truth and reconciliation and the deification of

Nelson Mandela make it hard to accept that after whites gave way to Blacks the Boer minority

would be subjected to racial genocide. Boers have not been sentimentalised as victims, are not

figures of sympathy, but dehumanised as “racists” so their murder is not seen as important.

The SA government forbids the publishing of South African police crime statistics without their

permission and media crime reports are vetted by the police. The world’s media want to pretend the

new government is responsible or face the fact that races are not equal on one hand; on the other, to

keep the overseas aid for mineral rights deals quiet, so the genocide is covered up and goes on

secretly and with impunity.

Interpol’s global murder figures for South Africa are about double the number of “recorded

murders,” the farm murder rate is four times the official South African murder average.

The world’s leading authority on genocide, Dr Gregory Stanton of “Genocide Watch”, stated how

serious the Boer genocide is in his 2002 report. (8)

Blacks, especially ANC youth, sing the song “Kill The Boer” which shows their genocidal

purpose. The Boer is only a farmer but the grudge goes on. They have no mother country to return

to. The “Kill The Boer” slogan has been ruled hate speech by the South African Human Rights

Commission. The UN Genocide convention declared that ruling regimes killing ethnic minorities is

legally genocide and could be pursued in the International Criminal Court. (7)

The new rulers have imposed racial quotas that deny work to most young Afrikaners, whether or

not they have the right qualifications. This programme of Black Economic Empowerment is called

“rectifying action” - Affirmative Action. Thousands of ANC civil servants give preferential

treatment to blacks over whites and even browns. “Progress” plans are implemented, fines and other

sanctions imposed. In most cases it’s an unqualified or illiterate black who gets the job. Whites are

left with begging or emigration.

If the farmers are wiped-out the rest of South Africa and parts of southern Africa will be plunged

into famine: as in Zimbabwe the Boer genocide may lead to the death of millions by starvation and

outbreaks of Cholera.

Does anyone protest?

Archbishop Desmond Tutu criticised Black Economic Empowerment, but because it enriches such

a small minority of already powerful blacks not because it impoverishes the white minority. His

world-famous moral indignation does not stretch that far. People put themselves first when

community spirit breaks down and Afrikaner intellectuals want to keep their own jobs so conform

to the black apartheid system like the Judenräte under the Nazis.

Those who criticise Black Economic Empowerment are de-humanised as racists. Yet, the

government replacing 35,000 commercial South African farmers by blacks is more than

imposing job quotas in industry and commerce. The farmers are landowners and have a bond with

their territory. The authorities are undermining that and the SAHRC has endorsed the withdrawal of

commandos from rural areas to leave the Boers open to murder and banned the term “ farm attacks”

from the SA Rural Protection Plan as it links the Boers to their land and makes clear which group of

people is being attacked but these are now the more abstract “murders” which is vague and gives

the impression that it could happen to anybody.

The Government is made an inventory of South Africa’s farmers by race - “To... monitor the

patterns of land ownership as it implements land reform, the deeds registration system would be

improved to reflect nationality, race and gender of land owners.” There has been legislation to make

it possible for the government to expropriate assets summarily without having to apply in advance

to a court. The ANC is rewriting the South African Constitution but not stating what its being

replaced with.

In 1991 the White population of South Africa was 5.1 million however, as of 2007 the official

White population of South Africa was its lowest of 4.2 million, even though millions of White

refugees from other parts of Africa added to South Africa's White population in recent years.

Whites are persecuted and dispossessed for being White leaving them unable to afford council tax

so they end up living in shanty hunts in Black neighbourhoods which hate them because of their

race. An example is the 'Affirmative Action' policy of the national school netball championships

committee - teams which do not have enough Black children have points given to the opposing side

before the game has started!

This could develop into full scale racial genocide and ethnic cleansing like in Zimbabwe and the

BelgianCongobefore it which was another of the richest Nations in Africa but is now war torn. The

elites know the history but keep doing it to African countries.

The killings show savagery and brutality as most are tortured and die slowly and in agony yet in

many of the murders, no property is stolen. This shows a savage, uncivilised hatred for

fellow humans that we can not comprehend but the authorities and international media pass it off

as "crime related" when it is racial genocide.

President Jacob Zumma is openly racist, has convictions for rape and embezzlement and believes a

shower can cure AIDS! (9)

In 2006 there were 55,000 reported rapes in South Africa but official estimates are that another

450,000 rapes were not reported. Therefore, about 1,300 women can be expected to be raped every

day. A study by Interpol revealed that South Africa has the most rapes in the world - a women

being raped every 17 seconds and this does not include the number of child rape victims. Interpol

estimated that one in every two women in South Africa would be raped. The largest increase in

attacks has been against children under seven. There is a widespread superstition that having sex

with children cures Aids. More than 67,000 cases of rape and sexual assaults against children were

reported last year, compared with 37,500 in 1998. Some of the victims are as young as six- months-
old and many die from their injuries, others contract HIV.

The Telegraph (11 Nov 2001) reported that on a rape of a nine-month-old baby girl by six men in a

remote part of rural South Africa which was part of an 80 per cent rise in child sexual abuse over a

year. Police said at least one of the men who raped the nine-month-old girl is HIV-positive. The

baby has also been tested for the virus and given anti-retroviral drugs as a precaution. (10)

What can we do? We could make sure our representatives who profess belief in “Democracy” and

“Rule of Law” know what is happening. Write to Newspapers letters pages, online Comments and

post news on internet Blogs and circulate it round the net. Point out that western elites are ignoring

this genocide when they caused it. For example, the BBC rock concert which they made millions

which donated to the ANC which was against their own charter!

They could make it clear to the South African government that their genocide is starting to be

publicised around the world. Pressure them to condemn ethnic cleansing and racial genocide of



News alerts, personal stories, and articles on South Africa can be sent to southafrica@genocidewatch.org.





Western leaders apologise for slavery


They also have picked up on where the South African communists donations came from and have some question.




























Type Boer farm murders into a search engine.

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Bisas Administration Removes Tamal Dasgupta From The Kendriya Samiti

Tamal Dasgupta always tries to dominate others and suppress other  post holders of the organization, It happened in Shaptodinga as well as in BISAS. So the administration has decided to remove him from all  activities of BISAS .


Due to internal power struggle and quarrels, Shoptodina comes to an end. It was a cultural group dedicated to the upliftment of the Bengalees. The group includes some rising intellectuals and dedicated lovers of Bengali Culture. This group broke in the past due to the problems created by Tamal Dasgupta, who tried to dominate others. This compelled Kalyan Sarkar, a software professional, who once designed the website for Shoptodina, and Tarun Tapas Mukherjee, a professor who once contributed to it, to leave this organisation. Then Amit Saha, Arijit Manna, Aritra Mukherjee, Rishi Ghosh etc left one by one, due to quarrels with Tamal Dasgupta. Now why he quarrels with others ? Due to mental problems ? No, he has no mental problem, but ego problem. He wants to run a organisation single-handed, but since he lives in Delhi and can't do it without the help of others, he from time to time recruits fresh batch, students and intellectuals, and after six or seven months , compel them to leave. Tamal promised these people to pay for the quality time they gave, but what happened at last ? They left organisation without any achievement. He also promised that a magazine would be launched which would be beneficial for the Bengalees. But for last two years, nothing materialised due to internal quarrels.

At last Shoptodina comes to an end when Sujay Chatterjee, his close associate and Working President of Shoptodina, left it few days before. With this, all the activities of this organisation comes to an end. It ceased to exist, except Tamal himself kept the post of Secretary for himself. The treasurer also left after consulting with Sujay and so were all the members. The magazine will never become a reality. The people who once donated to this organisation, are requested to collect their money. Tamal also kept the money of Nirvik Banerjee, Shaoni Mondal, Angshuman Chatterjee etc. The money of Soumitra Dasgupta, and others will be returned in due time. Not only these, Tamal is also giving threats to the former post-holders from time to time, including Sujay Chatterjee. In the past, he also gave threats to people like Rangeet Mitra, Binayak Bandopadhyay, Shamim Ahmed and many others who came in his way, including some girls. Now he does all these things in the disguise of Bengali Nationalism. Only 5 years before he was a communist. He changed sides when communism started to decline and joined the Hindutva movement. Now he shifted his focus towards the Bengali Nationalism and continues his propaganda on Facebook.

Now what happens to those whom Tamal promised a Bengali Dreamland ? Like all Bengali Dreams, it will never become a reality. Therefore, before who fell such a trap like Bengali Nationalism, you make it sure that you have a great leader who can atleast fulfill a dream.


Monday, 5 August 2013

A Talk With Nihar Guha On Barishal By Sujay Chatterjee

In May, 2013, I had a long talk with Nihar Guha, one of the oldest living members of Barishal Seva Samiti. Now in his late 80’s, Guha could still remember the days of his youth, spent in Barishal till 1940’s when he moved to Kolkata. He had seen many things that changed the history of Barishal, from Swadeshi to Riots and the Bengali Diaspora. Below is the interview taken at that time, in which he discusses many things and also his love for now forgotten heritage of Barishal.
Sujay: When did you come to Kolkata and why ?
Guha: In 1940’s, I moved to Kolkata in search of job and better life. I had few contacts in Kolkata who helped me at that time to settle here.
Sujay: How long are you associated with Barishal Seva Samiti ? From your student life or later ?
Guha: I got involved actively with the Samiti when I retired. Before that I knew about it but was not an active member. Seva Samiti was founded during the Swadeshi Era with an aim of serving the people of Barishal in Kolkata. It was founded in Kolkata to help the students from Barishal. Later its activities spread to other fields.
Sujay: What was the role of Samiti during and after the partition ( 1947 ) ?
Guha : During the Partition, the Samiti helped the refugees from Barishal to settle in kolkata. It also financially helped them and gave jobs to a few who needed it. After 1950’s , its activities were mainly cultural or the preservation of Barishal Heritage. Its members founded Pragyanananda Bhavan near Moulali and Aswini Dutta Memorial Committee near Park Circus. The now defunct body of Mukunda Das Memorial Committee was also founded by them.
Sujay: Who is the head of Pragyanananda Bhavan at present ? What are its activities ?
Guha: Debjani Kar, daughter of Biplobi Adhir Banerjee, is the Director of Pragyanananda Bhavan at present. It has an old library and a computer centre. It published some old books on Barishal also, including the biography of Mahabiplobi Swami Pragyanananda Saraswati, after whom the Saraswati Press was named.
Sujay: What about the Mukunda Das Memorial and Aswini Dutta Memorial ?
Guha: Mukunda Das Memorial is a defunct body. It has no activity at present. But Aswini Dutta Memorial still continues to work and its main man is Biplobi Adhir Banerjee. Due to his illness, he can’t work much at present.
Sujay: Have you heard about Satin Sen who died in Barishal ? I saw a statue of him near kakurgachi.
Guha: Yes, there was a Satin Sen Memorial Committee also but I am not sure about its present activities. I knew a man named Dhrubojyoti Dutta from Narkeldanga who was once involved with it.
Sujay: Do you know any descendants from Mukunda Das and Aswini Dutta’s families? Are they interested in these committees?
Guha: I knew Badal Chandra Das from Bosepukur, South 24 Parganas. He was the grandson of Mukunda Das but he was not interested in our activities. Aswini Dutta didn’t marry, but his brother’s daughter Nanda Ghosh Dastidar now lives in Ballygunge.
Sujay: You were long associated with Barishal Seva Samiti. Tell me about it.
Guha: Barishal Seva Samiti does not exist any more, but its members founded Pragyanananda Bhavan, Aswini Dutta Memorial and so on. Kavi Sankha Ghosh had some connections with it and once many distinguished people were its members. It published many books and had a library with rare documents.
Sujay: What happened to the library and the documents ?
Guha: It was a tragic end. We had rented a room for this library and docs, but the owner of the house was not very pleased with us. One day he ordered to close it. Before we could move to a new place, the library closed and the books disappeared one by one. Some members of Samiti were also involved in it. They sold many books and the samiti got divided over this issue. That was how it all ended.
Sujay: Was there any political pressure behind it?
Guha: Yes, the CPIM Govt didn’t like our activities. We could not find a new place for our library. The CPIM also attacked Pragyanananda Bhavan because of its nationalist connection and they also put pressure on us.
Sujay: Very Sad. Do you have any documents as your personal collection ?
Guha: No. All the docs disappeared. We don’t have any.
Sujay: The Seva Samiti had many members. Why they didn’t try to continue it?
Guha: Most of the members were very old. They didn’t have much energy to continue.
Sujay: You were born in Barishal? Have you heard about Chandradwip Royal Family or have you ever been to the place named Chandradwip?
Guha: Yes, I had seen the ruins of Chandradwip Palace when I was a student. There was a member of royal family who used to play with us. The region was not very populated, but had a distinct culture. Our elders talked about its glorious history, but we were too young then to understand its importance. The only thing I could remember that they used to say- Kayastha kings of Chandradwip were once the head of all kayasthas.
Sujay: Barishal was once known for Swadeshi Revolutionary Movement? Have you seen or known any revolutionary personally ?
Guha: Yes, I knew many of them and some of them also settled in Kolkata .
Sujay: Do you have any connections with Barishal at present?
Guha: No. But I like to.
Sujay: Do you still remember the Pre-Partition Barishal?
Guha: Yes, It was a magical time. As far as I can remember, in 1930’s, nobody knew that one day they had to leave their ancestral land, but it happened due to that Jogen Mondal. We will not forgive him.
Sujay: Have you seen the Barishal Riots?
Guha: No, I didn’t. I was in Kolkata at that time but I heard stories from people who fled Barishal.
Sujay: What is your message to the future generation?
Guha: I don’t know how many of us still remember Barishal. But one thing is sure that they will not easily forget their past. Today’s youth have least interest in Barishal History and all are more interested in making money and their careers. I hope that future generation will remember our heritage.
Sujay Chatterjee 
Spokesperson & Media In Charge 
International Unity For Equality 

Monday, 1 July 2013

Gujrat and Bengal By Sujay Chatterjee

The rise of Gujarat in recent years and Modi's leadership in national
politics left many Bengalees, both within and outside West Bengal,
astonished. The Gujarat had achieved what West Bengal could not. But
the Gujaratis were not so intelligent like the Bengalees, nor they had
any Renaissance, nor they gave birth to kings like Maharaja
Pratapaditya or Raja Sitaram, nor they excelled in the field of
education, art, culture etc. So what made the Gujaratis great in
comparison to Bengalees? There was one field where Gujarat could
defeat Bengal and it was in business. Yesterday I read an article in
Ananda Bazar about the lack of business-mentality Bengalees. The
Bengalees always hated the business and the community that survived on
business ( like Marwaris ) were essentially bad in the eyes of an
educated Bengali. This mentality made the Bengalees dependent on
others. However, the history shows that dependent people end in
failure and lack self confidence. The greatness of Gujarat was in its
history and as Bankim Chandra said-without strong history, there can
be no identity. In the past, Gujarat showed the way when the whole
country was searching for it. The rise and fall of krishna's Dwarka
was its first important chapter. In Modern Times, it gave birth to
Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Ballavbhai Patel and Gandhi. Modi is its
post-modern gift to Bharat. Interestingly, whenever Gujarat had risen,
Bengal also rose and opposed it and sometimes, hated it. This hatred
did more harm to the people of Bengal. We know the story of Paundraka
Basudeva who not only imitated krishna but made alliance against him
with Magadha. We know the revolutionaries of 20th Century Bengal who
hated Gandhian politics and Brahmo leaders of 19th Century Bengal who
opposed Dayananda Saraswati and his Arya Samaj. In the end, it was
Arya Samaj and the Gandhi-Patel that became victorious. Today Modi's
main opponents are the Bengali communists and seculars. History will
tell who will be the winner. But the story didn't end here. Both
Gujarat and Bengal were under the Muslim rule, but how Gujarat rose
from the ashes? Was it merely the Maratha occupation? Or the self
confidence and pragmatism of the Gujaratis? Let the Bengalees answer
it. Meanwhile we will see whether Bengal can learn anything from
Gujarat or whether it ends in another failure like the story of
Paundraka Vasudeva.

Sunday, 9 September 2012


প্রজেক্ট  চন্দ্রদ্বীপ

মূল বক্তব্য-   সম্পূর্ণ   ঐতিহাসিক  দৃষ্টিকোণ  থেকে  এই  মিশন । বহু প্রমান ও সাক্ষীর ও  বহু  মানুষের  অক্লান্ত  অনুরোধে  এই  মিশন শুরু  করার  পরিকল্পনা  করা  হয়েছে ।
সম্প্রতি এই অঞ্চল  ভ্রমনকালে প্রচুর  ঐতিহাসিক  নিদর্শন ও  সাক্ষ্য- প্রমান খুজে পাই। দেশে  ফিরে এই মহান ও সুপ্রাচিন ইতিহাস  কোন ইতিহাস  বই  বা উইকি এর  পাতায়  না  খুজে  পেয়ে  ভীষণ  হতাশ  হই ।
হয়তো ভবিষ্যতের  আরও  কিছু  বছর  পরে  এই  ইতিহাস  পুরোপুরি  ধুয়ে-মুছে যাবে ।  সমাজ , বাকি বিশ্ব , বাংলাদেশের - বরিশালের মানুষ ও  বিশেষ  করে  বাঙালি  হিন্দু   নিজের  ইতিহাসের এই গৌরবান্বিত অধ্যায় চিরকালের  জন্যে  হারিয়ে ফেলবেন,কারন ৭০ %  ইতিহাস বর্তমানেই  মুছে গেছে  বলে  অনুমান সেই  অঞ্ছলের কিছু  বেশ  শিক্ষিত হিন্দু ও মুসলমান মানুষের।  তাই  এই  অনুসন্ধান মিশনে আরও  বিলম্ব  অভিপ্রেত  নয়

প্রেক্ষাপট – অতি প্রাচীন কাল থেকেই ভারতবর্ষ    বঙ্গভুমি ও  হিন্দু  রাজগণ শাসিত  হয়েছে । খ্রিস্টপূর্ব  ৩০০০ থেকে  প্রায়  ১২০৩ -১৩০০ শতাব্দী অব্দি মহান  বীর  হিন্দু  রাজগণ  নিরাপদে   চন্দ্রদ্বীপ  শাসন  করেছিলেন। এমনকি ঠিকঠাক অনুসন্ধান করলে এই  অঞ্চলে ৫০০০ বছরের পূর্বেও  খুব বড়  হিন্দু সভ্যতার ইতিহাস খুজে পাওয়া যাবে , এই  ধারনা পোষণ  করেন  বহু  মানুষ ও  ঐতিহাসিক ।   এমনকি  বখতিয়ার খিলজির  বঙ্গভুমি অধিকারের সময় থেকে মুঘল  সম্রাট জাহাঙ্গিরের শাসনকাল  অব্দি চন্দ্রদ্বীপ  হিন্দু রাজাদের দ্বারা  শাসিত  হয়েছিল ।  এই  দ্বীপের   বহু অংশ  আজও  সারা পৃথিবীর কাছে  অজানা ও রহস্যময় । বরিশালের বেশিরভাগ  অঞ্চল আজও  মধ্য  আমেরিকা ও আফ্রিকার  অরণ্য ও জলাভূমির থেকেও  অতি- দুর্গম । কিন্তু  বাঙালি  জাতি সেই  দুর্গমতা  কাটিয়েও  এই  সমস্ত  অঞ্চলে  বসতি গড়ে তুলেছিল , যার খোজ আজও  পাওয়া যায়   আজকের  বরিশালের ও তার  আশেপাশে  দ্বীপ  আজও  আছে  যেখানে  প্রাচীন  আদিবাসীগণ  বছরে- ২ বছরে  একবার মাত্র  শহরে  আসেন  নৌকা  সহযোগে  এবং  প্রয়োজনীয়  দ্রব্য  সংগ্রহ  করে আবার  দ্বীপে  ফেরত চলে  যান  ১-২ বছরের জন্যে ।  এই  মিশন  সেই আদি  ও অজানা  দ্বীপ ও দ্বীপবাসী ও  সমগ্র  চন্দ্রদ্বীপের  মহান   ইতিহাস কে  বাকি  দুনিয়া  ও বিশেষ  করে বাঙালি  বিশ্বের  কাছে  তুলে ধরবে। যদিও  বাংলাদেশের ও ভারতীয়  বর্তমান প্রেক্ষাপটে কাজটি খুব  কঠিন , সেই  জন্যে  ভারত ও বাংলাদেশ সরকার , চন্দ্রদ্বীপের  মানুষ ও বাঙালি ও ইতিহাস উৎসাহী  মানুষের  সাহায্য প্রয়োজনীয়  হতে পারে ।

লক্ষ্য – চন্দ্রদ্বীপের বাঙালীর  সুপ্রাচীন ও  সাম্প্রতিক  ইতিহাস    কিছু   বহু চর্চিত  রহস্য  অনুসন্ধান  করাই   এই  মিশনের  লক্ষ্য ।  মিশনের  কোন  আর্থিক বা রাজনিতিক  কোন  লক্ষ্য নেই ।  বাঙালি জাতির অনাবিষ্কৃত  ও ১০০ %  সত্য    তথ্য নির্ভর  ইতিহাস  অনুসন্ধান  এই  মিশনের  অভিপ্রেত  লক্ষ্য ।   সুপ্রাচীন  কিছু  রহস্যময়  ঘটনা   ছাড়াও   মধ্যযুগের ও বিভিন্ন  সময়ের  ইতিহাস নিয়ে  অনুসন্ধান    তার  সাথে  প্রমান এবং   ঐতিহাসিক  নিদর্শন  অনুমতি সাপেক্ষে  সংগ্রহ  করা হবে  । এর সাথে সাথে বাংলাদেশের মুক্তিসংগ্রামে বরিশালের হিন্দু ( বিশেষ করে  হিন্দু নমশূদ্র জাতি ) জাতির অত্যন্ত  কম আলোকপ্রাপ্ত  সংগ্রামের ও বলিদানের ইতিহাসের ওপর আলোকপাত  করা  হবে । যা আগে প্রায় কোনদিনই কেউ করেনি ।

অগ্রাধিকার – প্রথম পর্যায়ে নিজ চোখে  দেখা ও এলাকার বিভিন্ন ধর্মমতের শিক্ষিত মানুষের  দ্বারা  বর্ণিত ইতিহাস ও তার সহজলভ্য  সাক্ষ্য –প্রমান-তথ্য  গুলোকেই   অগ্রাধিকার দেওয়া হবে ।
এছারাও পাকিস্তানের বিপক্ষে  ভাষা- মুক্তিযুদ্ধে এই  এলাকার নিম্ন বর্ণের  হিন্দু অবদান ও বলিদান সম্পর্কিত ইতিহাসকেও  অগ্রাধিকার দেওয়া হবে ।
পরবর্তীতে  মিশন বাংলাদেশের আরও দুর্গম এলাকার  দুষ্প্রাপ্য আদি বাঙ্গালি  ইতিহাসের  আরও  প্রমান সহ অনুসন্ধান দেবে ।

প্রথম পর্যায়ের  অনুসন্ধানে যে সমস্ত বিষয় গুলো অগ্রাধিকার পাবে –
১-  চন্দ্রদ্বীপের উৎপত্তি ও সুপ্রাচীন ইতিহাসের প্রমান
২- ভূগোল তথ্যের সাথে  ইতিহাসিক কিংবাদন্তির  তুলনার প্রমান
৩- চন্দ্রদ্বীপের রাজবংশগণ ও তাদের কীর্তি সমূহের প্রমান
৪-চন্দ্রদ্বীপের রাজবংশগণ ও তাদের সেনা, দুর্গ ও যুদ্ধ অস্ত্রের প্রমান
৫-সেই সময়ের শিল্প – বাণিজ্য – ধনরত্ন ও তার প্রমান
৬-দুরগা সাগরের ইতিহাস ও তার প্রমান
৭- ভগবান শাম্যারাইল শিবের ইতিহাস ও তার প্রমান
৮-মানসী মনসা দেবির ইতিহাস ও তার  প্রমান
৯- দেবী কাত্যয়নি সম্পর্কিত ইতিহাস ও তার প্রমান
১০- দক্ষিণ চক্র ঠাকুর ও ভগবান মদনগোপাল সম্পর্কিত ইতিহাস ও তার প্রমান
১১- এই অঞ্চলে মুক্তিযুদ্ধে  নমশূদ্র  হিন্দু যুবকদের দ্বারা  কতৃক  উচ্চবর্ণ  হিন্দু  ও মুসলমান বাঙালি রমণীদের  সন্মান রক্ষা ও আত্মবলিদান  ( পাকিস্তানি নরখাদক বাহিনীর হাত থেকে ) ও তার প্রমান । (মুক্তিযুদ্ধের  ইতিহাসে এই ঘটনা  ব্রাত্য  কেন ? )
1২- দুর্গম ও খুব কম আলোকপ্রাপ্ত এলাকাগুলিতে আজও বর্তমান  নমশূদ্র  হিন্দু প্রভাব ও প্রতিপত্তি ও ধন-সম্পদের প্রমান ।
১৩- মা সাদা কালির রহস্য ও প্রমান 
১৪- কীর্তনখোলা নদীতে রহস্য জনক কামান – শব্দ ও তার গবেষণা ও তার পিছনের কিনবাদন্তির ইতিহাস ও তার প্রমান  ( ডিসকভারী চ্যানেল বিখ্যাত)।

১৬- বৌ-ঠাকুরানীর দীঘি ও চাঁদসী গ্রামের জমিদার বংশগুলির রহস্যময় ইতিহাস ও তার প্রমান ।
১৫- বিখ্যাত   চাঁদসী     চিকিৎসা পধ্যতি (  শতাব্দী প্রাচীন   গৌরনদীর  চাঁদসী    গ্রামের  পদ্ম বিশ্বাস আবিষ্কৃত ও  কুষ্টিয়ার  বিশ্বস্বর পোদ্দার দ্বারা  প্রচারিত )    তার মাধ্যমে যে কোন দুরারোগ্য রোগ- ব্যাধি নিরাময়ের  সাক্ষ্য ও প্রমান । ( আদিম  চন্দ্রদ্বীপের  চিকিৎসকগণ  দ্বারা  এই বিশ্ববিখ্যাত চিকিৎসা প্রণালি আবিষ্কৃত , যা আজ অনেকটাই ধামাচাপা ও রহস্যময় )।
১৬- চন্দ্রদ্বীপের অবশিষ্ট অল্প সংখ্যক  হিন্দু  হিন্দু মন্দিরগুলির  ঐতিঝ্য ও ইতিহাস রক্ষায়  ওই এলাকার  কিছু  মুসলমান জনগনের  প্রচেষ্টা ও তাদের ইতিহাস উদ্ধারের আবেদন 
১৭- রহস্যময়ী সন্ধ্যা নদির ইতিহাস ও নৌকা- প্রতিযোগিতা ও তার পিছনের ইতিহাস।
১৮- চন্দ্রদ্বীপের ও আশেপাশের অঞ্চলে (বর্তমান বরিশাল ) নমশূদ্র হিন্দু জাতির পুনঃ আর্থিক  উত্থানের প্রমান ও কারন ।
১৯- দেবী রাজ মাতা মা রাজলক্ষ্মীর ভুবনমোহিনী মূর্তি  জলাশয় থেকে উদ্ধারের প্রচেষ্টা  ( কল্পিত ও বহু কথিত যে  এই মূর্তি উদ্ধারে বঙ্গ সহ ভারত  আজ বিশ্বে  সর্বশ্রেষ্ঠ  ধনী সম্পদায়  হিসাবে পরিচিত হতো )। মায়ের কৃপায় সেই জলাশয় ইতিমধ্যেই  আবিষ্কার করে ফেলেছেন এলাকার  কিছু  মানুষ ।

প্রস্তাবিত রূপরেখা –
বিভিন্ন পর্যায় এই প্রকল্প রুপায়ন করার প্রচেষ্টা করতে হবে-
১- বিভিন্ন বই থেকে তথ্য সংগ্রহ ।
২-এলাকার ধর্ম বর্ণ  নির্বিশেষে  মানুষের  সহযোগিতা নেয়া হবে । ওই বয়স্ক লোক ও পুরনো বংশগুলোর ও ওই এলাকার  ইতিহাস চর্চারত দেশবিদেশের  বিভিন্ন মানুষকে প্রমাণগুলো সম্পকে অবহিত করা ও তাদের সাথে কথাবার্তা ও ইনটারভিউ করা।
৩-সহজলভ্য প্রমান গুলি কে অতিদ্রুত  ক্যামেরা বন্ধি 
৪-ইতিমধ্যে পাওয়া ঐতিহাসিক  অস্তিত্বের প্রমানগুলো  সেখানেই  সংরক্ষিত  করার বিষয় আবেদন ।
৫- ওই এলাকা ভ্রমন করে আরও প্রমান সংগ্রহ ।

পরিকাঠামো –  এই মিশনের সাহায্যকারী  বাক্তি বা সংস্থাকেই মিশনের   পরিকাঠামো তৈরির দায়িত্ব  দেওয়া  হবে । তারাই মিশনের কাজে কর্মী নিয়োগ করবেন  ও বিভিন্ন ভাবে আদেশ ও উপদেশ  দিতে পারবেন ।

পরিকল্পনার সময়সীমা- প্রাথমিক ভাবে এই মিশনের ১ ম পর্যায়ের  সময়-সীমা  ২- বছর লাগতে পারে , এর  মধ্যে কমপক্ষে ৬ মাস এলাকায় থেকে গবেষণা- কাজ করা যেতে পারে । অতি দ্রুত এই মিশন শুরু না হলে ক্রমে আরও ইতিহাস লুপ্ত হয়ে যেতে পারে ।

উদ্যোগ-  বাক্তিগত উদ্যোগে  আমি এই গবেষণার সাথে বহু কাল যুক্ত ও  ৭-৮ মাস পূর্বে  বাংলাদেশে  ভ্রমণকালে প্রচুর অজানা ও অনাবিষ্কৃত ধামাচাপা পরা  ইতিহাসের সন্ধান পেয়েছি । তবে বাক্তিগত বা একক প্রচেষ্টায়  একটি  বিশাল  দুর্গম এলাকার  ২০০০-৩০০০ বছরের ইতিহাস বের করা খুব কঠিন বলেই মনে করি , সেই উদ্দেশে  আজ এই  প্রোজেক্ট তৈরির  উদ্যোগ  নিয়েছি ।
নজরদারি – মিশন শুরুর ১ মাসের মধ্যেই এই মিশনের  কাজকর্ম ও সফলটার ওপর নজরদারির জন্যে  কমিটি  গঠন করা হবে । এই মিশনের  সাহায্যকারী  বাক্তি বা সংস্থাকেই নজরদারির দায়িত্ব  দেওয়া  হবে ।

সম্ভাব্য  ফলাফল -  প্রথম পর্যায়ের ২ বছরের  মিশন  ধর্ম- বর্ণ  নির্বিশেষে   বাঙালির   মধ্যে  ব্যাপক  সারা ফেলবে বলে মনে করি । বেশ কিছু মানুষ আরও বাঙালি ও  তাদের  ইতিহাস নিয়ে  উৎসাহিত হবেন ।  বাঙালি  ও বিশেষ করে নিম্নবর্ণ  বাঙালি  উপহার পাবে  তাদের গৌরবান্বিত  ইতিহাস ।
এছারাও  বাংলাদেশের  বরিশাল ( বাকলা-চন্দ্রদ্বীপ )  বাঙালি ও  সারা দুনিয়ার  হিন্দুদের  জন্যে  একটি  ঐতিহাসিক ও প্রাকিতিক  দুর্গম  ভ্রমনস্তল হিসাবে পরিচিত হবে ।
যার মাধ্যমে ওই এলাকার অর্থনৈতিক উন্নয়নও  হতে পারে ।
নতুন করে  হিন্দু মন্দিরগুলো ও  ঐতিহাসিকস্থল গুলো পরিচিতি  পাবে ।

মুখবন্ধ- এই প্রোজেক্ট কোন রাজা বা শাসক বা কোন ধর্ম বা বর্ণ বা তাদের ইতিহাসের তুলনায় প্রাগৈতিহাসিক ওই  অঞ্চলের  সাধারণ মানুষ ও তাদের মহান  ইতিহাস কে প্রাধান্য দেবে । এই  ইতিহাসের  পুনঃ উদ্ধারের জন্নে সকল  বাঙ্গালীর   সাহায্য কামনা করি

সুজয় কুণ্ডু
ফোণ- ৯২৩১৯৪২৬০১

(Bangiya Itihas o Sanskriti Anusandhan Samiti)

Monday, 16 July 2012


We are surprised to learn from The Telegraph that West Bengal Heritage Commission is going to protect the French and Danish Heritage Buildings in Chandannagore and Srerampore respectively. The project is named "Europe on the Ganges". The French and Danish Govts. will provide funds for it. While there is so much interest about the Colonial Past, the Bengali Media fails to highlight the poor conditions of Bengali Heritage Buildings. Are we living in a Bengali state? The news speaks otherwise. In this state, the Bengali interest is secondary. It can be purchased if necessary. We have taken a decision to highlight the Bengali Hindu Heritage of Chandannagore and Srerampore. The first city was famous for the revolutionary organisation Pravartak Sangha and for the activities of Rashbehari Basu, while the 2nd was a Zamindari of the Seoraphuly Raj Parivar, from whom the Danes purchased the lands. The initiative on this issue is taken by Santanu Chandra, who is the head of Kolkata Chapter of BISAS.