Thursday, 19 September 2013


Due to internal power struggle and quarrels, Shoptodina comes to an end. It was a cultural group dedicated to the upliftment of the Bengalees. The group includes some rising intellectuals and dedicated lovers of Bengali Culture. This group broke in the past due to the problems created by Tamal Dasgupta, who tried to dominate others. This compelled Kalyan Sarkar, a software professional, who once designed the website for Shoptodina, and Tarun Tapas Mukherjee, a professor who once contributed to it, to leave this organisation. Then Amit Saha, Arijit Manna, Aritra Mukherjee, Rishi Ghosh etc left one by one, due to quarrels with Tamal Dasgupta. Now why he quarrels with others ? Due to mental problems ? No, he has no mental problem, but ego problem. He wants to run a organisation single-handed, but since he lives in Delhi and can't do it without the help of others, he from time to time recruits fresh batch, students and intellectuals, and after six or seven months , compel them to leave. Tamal promised these people to pay for the quality time they gave, but what happened at last ? They left organisation without any achievement. He also promised that a magazine would be launched which would be beneficial for the Bengalees. But for last two years, nothing materialised due to internal quarrels.

At last Shoptodina comes to an end when Sujay Chatterjee, his close associate and Working President of Shoptodina, left it few days before. With this, all the activities of this organisation comes to an end. It ceased to exist, except Tamal himself kept the post of Secretary for himself. The treasurer also left after consulting with Sujay and so were all the members. The magazine will never become a reality. The people who once donated to this organisation, are requested to collect their money. Tamal also kept the money of Nirvik Banerjee, Shaoni Mondal, Angshuman Chatterjee etc. The money of Soumitra Dasgupta, and others will be returned in due time. Not only these, Tamal is also giving threats to the former post-holders from time to time, including Sujay Chatterjee. In the past, he also gave threats to people like Rangeet Mitra, Binayak Bandopadhyay, Shamim Ahmed and many others who came in his way, including some girls. Now he does all these things in the disguise of Bengali Nationalism. Only 5 years before he was a communist. He changed sides when communism started to decline and joined the Hindutva movement. Now he shifted his focus towards the Bengali Nationalism and continues his propaganda on Facebook.

Now what happens to those whom Tamal promised a Bengali Dreamland ? Like all Bengali Dreams, it will never become a reality. Therefore, before who fell such a trap like Bengali Nationalism, you make it sure that you have a great leader who can atleast fulfill a dream.


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