Monday, 16 July 2012


We are surprised to learn from The Telegraph that West Bengal Heritage Commission is going to protect the French and Danish Heritage Buildings in Chandannagore and Srerampore respectively. The project is named "Europe on the Ganges". The French and Danish Govts. will provide funds for it. While there is so much interest about the Colonial Past, the Bengali Media fails to highlight the poor conditions of Bengali Heritage Buildings. Are we living in a Bengali state? The news speaks otherwise. In this state, the Bengali interest is secondary. It can be purchased if necessary. We have taken a decision to highlight the Bengali Hindu Heritage of Chandannagore and Srerampore. The first city was famous for the revolutionary organisation Pravartak Sangha and for the activities of Rashbehari Basu, while the 2nd was a Zamindari of the Seoraphuly Raj Parivar, from whom the Danes purchased the lands. The initiative on this issue is taken by Santanu Chandra, who is the head of Kolkata Chapter of BISAS.


BISAS has taken initiative to launch an website on the Hindu History of Chandradwip, Barishal. The kingdom of Chandradwip had a continuity till 18th Century when it was conquered by the Muslims. Once it covered greater Barishal, parts of Chattogram, khulna and some islands. The Hindu kings ruled here during an age of Islamic domination and Mughal Imperialism. The website will cover the political, spiritual, socio-cultural history as well as trade and commerce, foreign relations, accounts of European travellers etc. The head of this project is Sujoy Kundu who is from Barishal. We invite all to help us with current information on Barishal and for financial assistance


The Friends United Club, Girish Park, is going to organise a grand meeting of its life members on 19th August, 2012. It will be different from other ordinary gatherings because this club is a Swadeshi Heritage Club, founded towards the end of the 19th Century. Many descendants of the revolutionaries will be present on this occassion, especially Prabir Sett of the famous Sett Family of Rambagan, North kolkata. This Sett Family once gave birth to Jatin Sett, who was the first Bengali student of Havard and the first student of Arobindo in Jatiya Siksha Parishad. He was a revolutionary of Anushilan Samiti from the beginning and also a member of The Friends United Club. However, the life members will be given some benefits from our club. Shib Nath Sadhu, the Honourable Secretary of the Club, said-" We are going to organise a special dinner for this purpose. Our aim is to revive this heritage club and also give respect to the life members." Those who are interested to participate in it, and wish to become a part of this historical club, can become our life member before 15th August. Our life membership fee is Rs. 500. Interested people can contact Sri Sujay Chatterjee, Librarian of The Friends United Club, Girish Park, after 6:30 p.m.